Favourites Cheese Hamper

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Favourites cheese.jpg

Favourites Cheese Hamper


The Favourites hamper includes; 

200gm Will Studd Brillat Savarin

Our Brillat Savarin is a decadent triple-cream cheese is the perfect party pleaser. It takes its name from the famous 18th century French food writer Brillat Savarin.

Deliciously creamy with a slightly chalky centre when young, the texture gradually breaks down until it can be scooped from the centre with a spoon close to its use-by date.

125gm Brebirousse D'Argental

This washed rind has a rich, sweet flavour because it's made with sheep's milk, but don't let that scare you! The texture is creamy, luscious and will be sure to ooze all over your cheese board.

150g Bellavitano Merlot

By far our best seller, the Bellavtino Merlot is a parmesan-cheddar blend immersed in merlot, giving it subtle plum and berry flavours. 

1 Packet of Sea Salt Bacco Leaves

These oversized crackers are light, crunchy and will be sure to make an impact on any board. 

***Please note that cheese hampers will need to be collected on;

Friday December 22nd from 2pm to Midnight 

Saturday December 23rd from 2pm to Midnight

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