Luxury Cheese Hamper

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Luxury Cheese Hamper


The Luxury Hamper includes;

100g Pyengana Cloth Cheddar

Pyengana is one of Australia’s oldest specialty cheeses – it has been made by the Healey family for over 100 years. It's made in the style of traditional English clothbound cheddar and has an open texture and distinctive crumbly character. The flavour is deep and buttery with a well balanced tang to finish.

125gm Berthaut Epoisse

Epoisses was first made by monks of the Abbaye de Citeaux, in the village of Epoisses situated in the heart of Burgundy. Made from Burgundian cow’s milk, freshly salted Epoisses are moved into humid cellars to mature. Each is washed and brushed by hand two to three times a week with a mixture of rainwater and Marc de Bourgogne, a spirit made from the leftover grape hulls (marc) from winemaking. The yeast and fermenting agents produce the distinctive orange-red exterior as it develops over a period of about 6 weeks. Epoisses has a moist shiny rind containing an oozing creamy interior that melts in the mouth. The aroma is powerful but pleasant and the flavour is strong but balanced between sweet, savoury and salty.

110gm Holy Goat La Luna Barrel

This multi-award winning cheese is recognised as one of Australia’s best. It is hand-made by Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda with 100% organic milk from their own herd of dairy goats. The fresh, clean, citrus flavours of the goat’s milk shine through and there is a subtle nutty note from the wrinkly white rind. The texture is smooth and velvety. 

120gm Pecora Bloomy


From the heart of the Southern Highlands, Pecora Dairy is the only exclusive working pure East Friesian sheep dairy in Australia. Inspired by the Pyrenean classics, their range of award-winning farmhouse artisan products are true to style, sophisticated and clean on the palate.


Pecora Dairy Bloomy Ashed is a mould-ripened fresh curd cheese with an ashed beautiful ivory, wrinkled delicate skin. Beneath the rind, is a gooey texture which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth but with a slightly chalky texture. It has notes of citrus with a lingering "creme fraiche" mouth-feel. Perfect with a glass of Pinot Gris.

150gm Will Studd Le Roi Roquefort

Roquefort, the oldest traditional French blue cheese, is made from raw ewe's milk and matured in the ancient underground caves of the Cambalou plateau.

Le Roi is produced using Pencillium Roqueforti mould, cultivated the old-fashioned way on wood-fired rye bread. This bread is dried and ground to a fine powder, and then sprinkled on the young curds. After careful maturation, the soft ivory-textured cheese is veined with blue mould, and has a delicious mild, aromatic savoury flavour.

This cheese was selected for its rich textures and salty-sweet blue finish. Roquefort is known as the king of French Cheese, and so we’ve named this one accordingly!

250gm Will Studd Le Conquerant Camembert

Le Conquerant is a close cousin of Camembert de Normandie. Its strong aromatic hints of wet straw, brassica and apples are a reminder of why this authentic cheese has become a proud symbol of French cheese-making skills. Handmade for Will in the Pays d’Auge region of Normandy, its secret lies in the use of specially selected cultures, moulds and yeasts and, of course, rich Normandy milk. The traditional wooden poplar box and wax-paper wrap create a microclimate that encourages the chalky heart of a young cheese to slowly break down over three to four weeks, eventually becoming deliciously soft and fudgy by the use-by date.

Will Studd Cracero Parmigano Reggiano 24 month 100g

Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of Italian cheese and certainly one of the world’s most important benchmarks. Produced by almost 500 small dairies in a strictly designated area of northern Italy, its age and origin is guaranteed, but some cheeses are better than others.

Will has been working with Giorgio Cravero for two decades, and the family has specialised in maturing Parmigiano from small dairies in purpose-built storerooms in Bra since 1855.

This rare two-year-old ‘mountain’ cheese has impeccable regional provenance. It is handmade in the San Pietro dairy in the Appennini hills of Modena from the raw milk of a small herd of less than 100 cows. After meticulous maturation at the dairy for six months, the finest cheeses are graded by Giorgio and taken to Bra for ripening. At two years old, its succulent, moist, nutty texture has a complex fruity, caramel sweetness that is very different to the dry and often bitter cracked cheeses matured by the large cooperatives. The San Pietro dairy produces just six wheels a day.

Simon Johnson Quince Paste 400g 

Sea Salt Bacco Leaves 

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