Cheese Lovers Hamper

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Cheese Lovers Hamper


The Cheese Lovers Hamper includes;

300g Fleur Du Maquis

Fleur Du Maquis, meaning "flower of the maquis" is a Corsican cheese made from the sheeps milk. This semi soft cheese is covered with rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper berries and the occasional birds eye chilli and pairs perfectly with Albarino and Tempranillo

250g Grand Terroir Camembert

From the traditional home of Camembert, this Normandie Cheese has a velvety white rind that has mild mushroom aromas that is well balanced with the saltiness and supple creamy texture of the interior. 

100g Gabriel Coluet Roquefort

Blue lovers rejoice! Perhaps the most famous and intensely flavoured cheese in the world. This rare artisan cheese is made from sheeps milk with  delicious spicy, salty, complex flavours.

150g Bellavitano Merlot

By far our best seller, the Bellavtino Merlot is a parmesan-cheddar blend immersed in merlot, giving it subtle plum and berry flavours. 

150g Fleuret

Fleuret is a classic goats cheese from the south of the Loire Valley where they make the finest French Chèvre. At about four weeks of age it is ready to enjoy. As they mature they soften and starts to become runny. This little soft ripened goat cheese has a lovely fresh flavour with citrus notes. The flavour is delicate and decadent with a lovely clean finish and the texture is densely creamy and melts in the mouth.

1 Packet of Sea Salt Bacco Leaves

These oversized crackers are light, crunchy and will be sure to make an impact on any board. 

***Please note that cheese hampers will need to be collected on;

Thursday December 22nd between 4pm and 10pm 

Friday December 23rd between 2pm and 10pm



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